Mental Health Bills May Threaten The Affordable Care Act

The law provides some protection against that, including a tax on non-exchange insurance products that will be used to offset rising costs, if necessary. There are also risk-adjustment provisions for the insurers, as well as $10 billion worth of re-insurance in 2014 for those who sign on higher levels of people with chronic conditions. Also, Kingsdale said, many young insurance customers may receive federal subsidies to help buy insurance, so they could cost the system more than older customers who have more money to buy insurance without subsidies. “The tax subsidy pays in, so if you’re supposed to pay $100 based on your salary, you’re going to,” Kingsdale said. “There are higher premiums, but not higher prices for individuals – their price is pretty much fixed based on their income.” That means younger people are more expensive, he said. Some analysts have predicted the insurance market could go into a “death spiral” without enough young insurance customers buying into the market and driving down rates for everyone.
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Mental health among our youth

He works closely with a Delta Mental Health worker to provide outreach – home visits and follow up – to people who are emotionally disturbed or who are dealing with mental health issues that have come into contact with police. The visits are not in an enforcement capacity, but act as a service to the client. “We strive to get out there in the community and see these people… and help them deal with their mental illness,” Simone told council. Simone is also available to offer assistance when other officers are dealing with someone with mental health issues. The department has seen the number of calls involving mentally ill or drug addicted people increase over the years.
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Mental health support needed

To stereotype someone because of a physiological condition is cruel and uncaring. Encouraging young people who suffer from mental illness to seek competent help is critical in overcoming this stigma. The issues surrounding the detection and treatment of mental illness among the young people of Missouri are much too complex to be addressed and resolved with just a couple of simple ideas. But education and raising awareness of the problems can ultimately lead to positive outcomes.
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